“I Will Never Get Married…” – Mr. 2Kay

Nigerian singer, Mr. 2Kay has revealed that tieing the knot and having a matrimonial home is the last thing on his mind, or better yet, is not one of the things in his to-do list in the next 30 years.

When asked why he doesn’t want to get married he said;

What am I getting married for? What am doing with marriage?

How about your girlfriend?

My babe is my music

When exactly do you intend to get married then if it is not soon?

Me? I just said i’m never getting married…(after slight thought) maybe in the next thirty years because marriage is not in my book at the moment.
I just want to achieve more in terms of my career and do business as an entrepreneur


So ladies, you’ve heard it from Mr. 2Kay himself, he’s not ready to settle down and be a husband to anyone till three more decades(probably) while he focuses on his music and being a businessman.

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