Headies Awards 2018: Unforgivable Errors From Nominees List

Headies Awards 2018: Unforgivable Errors From Nominees List

It’s no more news that the organizers of what would be considered as Nigeria’s number one music awards show, Headies Awards, have fixed their challenges and are set to organize the 12th edition of the event.

Headies Awards has always managed to spark controversies over the years since its inception.
Without doubt Nigerians always look forward for the annual music awards show because even with it own flaws seems like the most credible Nigerian music-focused awards show there is. 

Shout out to the other music awards platforms out there. So whenever, there is a perceived misdemeanor from the organizers of the Headies, the outcries comes out loud.

Last year, unfortunately, the Headies Awards did not come around as we would have expected. The organizers put out a public statement saying it was taking a little more time to adjust, rethink and repackage the music awards platform.
There was postponement and then more postponement all because the Headies Awards wants to give us something worthy of it’s hard earned reputation.

At long last, an official date for the awards ceremony has been revealed together with the names of this year’s nominees.

Frankly, the news didn’t create a lot of buzz like it would have mustered in the past. Just maybe some of us started caring less if the Headies rolled by or not. But then here it is!

Although it took a year long and some three months to plan the upcoming 12th edition of the music awards ceremony, that has not made it totally devoid of visible errors.

So a list of nominees was unveiled and a few errors have been spotted. One year and a few months is quite long enough to avoid this sort of error on the nominees list.

Here are some of the errors that would have been avoided if only a little more research was done by the awards panel.

According to the nominees list for ‘Producer of the Year, two of the nominees were credited for songs the did not producer.

First, Tekno is credited for producing ‘IF’ and ‘RARA’, even though Tekno rightly produced ‘IF’, he did not produce ‘RARA’. His label mate Selebobo holds production credit for ‘Rara’ which was released in December 2016.

Again, Masterkraft is credited for producing Flavour’s ‘Virtuous Woman’, a track from ‘Ijele The Traveller’ album.
Meanwhile the credit on that song as regards to production should go to ace musician and music maker Cobhams Asuquo. Well no doubt Masterkraft is responsible for Tekno’s hit ‘Yawa’.

Yet in another category for ‘Album of the Year’ an unforgivable error is spotted.

Brymo does not deserve to be nominated for that award in the upcoming Headies Awards 2018 because of the period in review July 2016 – December 2017.
The album ‘Klitoris’ by Brymo was released in May of year 2016. That’s not all, ‘Klitoris’ was nominated for ‘Best R&B/Pop Album’ during the 2016 Headies Awards. An award category that was won by Kiss Daniel for his ‘New Era’ album.

These errors found puts the meticulousness and attention paid to details of the awards panel in doubt.

They would have been easily avoided. It would be great if the organizers can correct these blunders before they are seen as being laissez faire.

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