(3 ) Mistakes Find In Davido’s Single Titled – ‘Flora My Flawa’

(3 ) Mistakes Find In Davido’s Single Titled - ‘Flora My Flawa’

Should I still be asking who has listened to Davido’s latest hit song? I don’t want to ask that question but we can never tell because not everyone comes online at the same time. So guys, have you listened to Flora my Flawa?

This song is supposed to be talking about time, distance and love but the only thing that depicted this in the whole song is the line where ‘forever’ is mentioned repeatedly.

In this post, I’ll be giving us three things that didn’t sit well with me listening and watching the video of Flora my Flawa.

1. Costume:

If you want to tell a story, tell it well. From the looks of this video, the costume feels mixed up but if it wasn’t, then I don’t know what else to call it other than it not being right (I might use worse descriptions, but I’m leaving that spot for you guys should there be a need to).

Isn’t it funny how Davido in thirty years didn’t change, whereas the woman waiting for him back at home has transformed into someone else? Don’t even call the pot belly, that doesn’t count right now.

When Davido was young, he was wearing an appropriate outfit that depicted no trace of the classical past look, same with his band who were dressed like they’re going for a Yoruba naming ceremony.

Fast forward to 30 years later and they are dressed like they’re from the past… What kind of Hero Nakamura something is this? The present is used for past and past is used for the present? So really, the times were not properly accounted for. A man in 2018 wearing an afro he was supposed to rock in the 70s and 80s? Not working.

2. Unnecessary characters:

This is more or less sounding like the same issue with the costume. Not only was the time not accounted for, the times they presented were not properly executed. If Davido did not change facially, why was there a need to change Flora facially? If the changes made on her were similar to her, better. But the change was so unnecessary because the old version woman they used is night compared to the day that young Flora is.

The difference is too much. How did the dark-skinned young Flora become the light-skinned old Flora? How did the light-skinned friends at their young age become dark-skinned at their old age? That doesn’t make any sense. What happened Clarence? We are not understanding.

Another question to ask is “Was the pot belly necessary?” because Davido and his team were not acting like they had pot bellies, rather it was so obvious they had pieces of clothing inside of them hence a big thumbs down to the makeup as they should’ve done better and at least make the pot belly book a bit real… too amateur in my opinion.

3. Too much Repetition:

With a total time of 5:04, I don’t know why 2:46 is what contains Davido’s song which is full of “If nothing last forever o, me and you go nothing forever o, baby baby Omalicha…” That was just too much of a repetition and truth is, the vibe of this song is similar to FIA and Ada. It is like part 3 of a project by DMW’s in-house producer, Fresh… Or maybe it’s his signature sound that is making all songs sound the same.

With the whole video set, which seems to be one of Davido’s best sets I’ve seen, I was expecting a rich storytelling of who Flora is, what she means to him and how he will always come back to her no matter how far his job takes him.

Not hearing him say “Me and you go be nothing forever” in a song he titles “Flora my Flawa”. How is that even right?

Aside all these stated, I love the picture quality, the massive use of Ankara fabric and the comedy infused to make up for anything that is lacking… and yes, if this was comedy, I wouldn’t have stated any flaw, but I’m sure it was not intended to be a comic work, hence my observations.

So guys, let me hear your analysis of this song and the video and also if there is anything you love about it or something that also didn’t sit well with you.

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